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Angela Atkins - http://beautifulsexybadass.com/bsbevent2016/?ap_id=acgahnc
Tina Christie - http://beautifulsexybadass.com/bsbevent2016/?ap_id=tina100
Gillian Hood - http://beautifulsexybadass.com/bsbevent2016/?ap_id=ghood
Dr. Lisa Lewis - http://beautifulsexybadass.com/bsbevent2016/?ap_id=drlisalewis
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Sherold Barr - http://beautifulsexybadass.com/bsbevent2016/?ap_id=sheroldbarr
Dr. Carolyn Dean - http://beautifulsexybadass.com/carolyn
Rachel Feldman - http://beautifulsexybadass.com/rachel
David Sean - http://beautifulsexybadass.com/bsbevent2016/?ap_id=davidsean
Pamela Madsen - http://beautifulsexybadass.com/bsbevent2016/pamela
Shari Friedman - http://beautifulsexybadass.com/bsbevent2016/?ap_id=sharifit
Dr. Tyna Moore - http://beautifulsexybadass.com/bsbevent2016/?ap_id=drtyna



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SUBJECT: About what you’ll see later…

Hey Everyone,

I think you should know about this because you’ll likely see it later (and once you see it again, this isn’t going to be FREE). Let me explain… Terry Sobon invited me to her interview series Beautiful, Sexy, Badass. 15+ experts including doctors, fitness experts, health coaches, business experts, personal development mentors, mind/body gurus, hypnotherapists and best-selling authors are getting together to have an interview discussion that you can listen to for free. Interview after interview you'll learn: 

  • How to strike that delicate (but powerful) balance between your physical, mental, and spiritual health for a "total being" level of wellness...
  • Techniques from the leading experts where you'll discover "tried-and-tested" methods for taking care of yourself... so you can take care of business!
  • Why these lifestyle experts want you to steer clear of stress (no matter what it takes)... and you'll be given the actionable tools to finding that peace you need to find calm amidst the storm...
  • And much, much more...

I’m excited to share AND learn from these other experts over the course of this event. But here's the best part: I’m excited to share this information for FREE!  And that’s why this is such an important opportunity. To get this information later from these experts, authors, and speakers, you’ll have to PAY to get their advice… Today, registration is FREE because you are on my mailing list . Click here to join me and 15+ health and wellness experts today >>>>> [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK]

Get FREE access to the Beautiful, Sexy, Badass Interview Series before it’s too late! See you there![SIGN OFF]


Email Option #2

SUBJECT: How To Stop Living In Survival Mode and Thrive Now


There’s something incredibly important I want to remind you of today…

No matter how impossible it seems right now as a woman with a super-busy home and work life and endless demands…you can achieve the thriving career, body and relationships you want while sustaining a nourishing life – it’s absolutely possible.

And you can start achieving the life you want, the career or business you love, and a joyful life filled with purpose you want sooner than you thought because today I’m inviting you to attend the Beautiful, Sexy, Badass Online Interview Series! It’s a completely free event where you can join me and other expert speakers as we discuss the topic: Unlock Your Confidence, True Power and Ultimate Health Now.

Create Your Badass Life Coach Terry Sobon asked me to speak at this online interview series, and she sent me a link to invite whoever I want at no charge, so I’m inviting you! You can listen in without paying a penny as we talk about how you can thrive and really step into your true power and create the life that you want most.

Click here to sign up for this free event today! >>> [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK] When you register, you’ll gain access to interviews with experts who share their inspiring and give you new strategies, routines, mindset support and self-care techniques to help you achieve the life you want!

If you want to discover how it really is possible to have a career you love, fulfilling relationships, the health and wellness deserve…then you need to take action today because this free event won’t be around for long. So, take the first step towards getting the life you really want by registering at the link below!



Newsletter Blurb 

Are you ready to get FREE access to the latest mindset, health, wellness and holistic living trends for women? Terry Sobon invited me to speak at her exclusive Beautiful, Sexy, Badass Interview Series. It’s an event featuring fitness and health experts, wellness gurus, holistic living specialists, doctors and mindset experts. Because you’re on my mailing list, you can attend for free, but only if you register at the link below. Click here to register for free >>>> [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK] This is your chance to get on top of the latest trends in health, wellness and mindset BEFORE you see them on the New York Times Bestseller list. When you join me and the 15+ other guest panelists you'll discover:

  • Why "balance" isn't just something reserved for the underachiever... but in fact... learning to find balance in your life is crucial to your success... (PLUS: You'll get first hand techniques, tricks, and tips from these awesome panelists teaching how you how to strike that balance no matter your current place in life...)
  • How to achieve peak performance in your physical, mental, and spiritual life... and you'll discover just how connected each of these facets are (and why you can't ignore one in pursuit of the other)...
  • What goals of yours should matter... and which ones are jeopardizing your health...
  • And much, much more...

So, join me as we walk together through this journey of learning, discovery, and growth! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Click here to register for FREE >>>> [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK]


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Join me and 15+ other experts on the Beautiful, Sexy, Badass Interview Series. Find out how to unlock your confidence, true power and ultimate health now on this event featuring fitness, health and wellness experts, holistic lifestyle specialists, doctors and mindset mentors. Attend for free by registering at  [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK]

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